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We are committed to using the highest quality materials that are available to our suppliers in their country of origin. We Try our hardest to ensure that all our products are made to a high standard, but we also need to keep in mind that all our products are handmade and on very rare occasions small defects maybe present. We feel this gives more character to our products and makes them unique to our customers.

We aim to keep our environmental impact to a minimum. We recycle as much as possible, especially packing materials. Our electricity is supplied from a green energy company and all office work is kept to a minimum, using recycled paper. Where possible all products needed to run a market stall and website are eco-friendly or recycled. Our short term goal is to use the most eco-friendly vehicle that is available within our budget. Please support us so we can reduce are impact even further.

Please contact us if you wish to purchase something and live outside of the UK

The Hippie Clothing Shop, Co-founders of Gaznik Ethical Traders.

After spending our lives at many Hippie festival around the UK and Europe, we have seen the growing demand for good quality fairly priced Hippy Clothes.  

So we offer you our hippie shop where you can purchase all of your favourite hippie, bohemian and alternative festival clothes without having to leave the comfort of your sofa or tent!

Hippie Clothing Fairly Traded

Our individual fairly traded festival clothing is chosen by us from India, Nepal and Thailand.

Many items are expertly handmade. Some are bright, colourful and psychedelic while others re plain and subtle with just a touch of hippy or boho chic, making them suitable to wear at the office while still keeping that bit of individuality!

Our alternative clothing range has everything from recycled / upcycled sari pixie skirts, dresses, tops, harems and alibaba pants, to Nepalese jackets, hoodies., trousers and shirts for men!

Hippie Boho Clothing UK

Have a look at our range of silk dresses and skirts made from recycled Sari’s, each one is unique and the skirts are reversible making them a fun and cost effective addition to your wardrobe.

We have an extensive range of cashmilon clothing, coats, ponchos, trousers and skirts – a high-end hippie boho style, ideal for those cooler festival evenings or a fantastic addition to your alternative Autumn / Winter wardrobe!

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Comfortable stylish. hippie grandad shirts are a must have addition to anyone’s wardrobe, fast making a comeback after their initial popularity many moons ago. Wear them down the town, lounge around the house or buy the matching hippie trousers to complete the casual drop crotch Hippy look! Or maybe you want to go one step further with comfort with our men’s harem pants, 100% cotton with elasticated ankles.

Classic Hippie Tie Dye Range

Tie Dye Clothes are an all time classic because everyone loves a touch of colour! All of our tie dye products are hand dyed in Thailand to the highest standards, using age old techniques.

With clothes becoming more and more diverse, these brightly coloured comfy Hippy clothes are perfect for feeling good in the sun or making you smile even more in the cold winter months!

Check out our hippie tie dye leggings , dresses, tops and bags!

Hybrid Hippie Styles

Our extensive range combines the faded look with funky embroidered clothes or patches creating clothes that look different but not stereotypical hippy.

We try very hard to source Hippie clothing for everyone to wear, covering mainstream people right the way through to the hardcore tree hugging hippie.

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