Recycled Sari Wrap Skirts

Our beautiful recycled wrap skirts are handmade in India using authentic saris, creating one of a kind, totally unique skirts.

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All of the sari skirts are wrap arounds, making them suitable for a large range of sizes and gorgeous on any body shape.

We have several kinds of skirts available. Short pixie cut, long pixie cut, hanky hem and layered. Many of the unique styles are reversible, giving the happy customer two skirts in one and every skirt is absolutely stunning!

Here’s a little bit of ‘sari knowledge’ for you! At more than 5000 years old, the iconic sari (or saree) is considered the oldest clothing garment in history that is still in use today. Contemporary saris are made from a range of materials including silk, cotton and synthetic fibers and there are over 100 ways to drape them and amazingly without a safety pin in sight!

Sari’s are a beautiful – if not the most beautiful – outfit in the modern world today, and now you can have a little flavour of that in your own wardrobe (without having to learn one of the 100 ways to wrap…) And not only do you get to wear one of these amazing pieces but at the same time you are shopping responsibly and sustainably by purchasing an upcycled / recycled product!